Social Club exists to help you make the biggest possible impact as social sector leader. To raise your game. To hit your potential.

We do this by bringing you together with other social leaders from a range of backgrounds to learn, to share and engage with top leaders on the biggest questions facing you and your organisation.
How do we do it? The clue is in the name: Social Purpose. Social Change. Social Club.

We know that leadership isn’t easy and often lonely.

Social Club exist to help you get it right, both professionally and personally.

At Social Club, you give, you get. If you join, you join in.

Any leader can join. But we prefer people who like to listen as well as talk. Who are interested in others views as well as their own.

Social Club is built around you. We know time is short. And that money is even shorter.

That is why we are digital. Even when you can’t make it, you’ll be able to catch up online.

For this reason, we keep our events to a maximum of a day.

So you can get back for the kids (or your cat)..

What our members say about Social Club

"The Speakers are all really good. What I like compared to other business clubs is the range of people that come in and the whole intimacy of the gatherings. There is a real sense of belonging here

David Osborne, Managing Director, Catalyst Choices

"There is massive value in Social Club as a supportive, networking group and speakers who can provide insight into the challenges faced by leaders like group members is really useful"

Andy Ratcliffe, CEO, Impetus-PEF

Member Benefits

We have designed Social Club to ensure a strong return on your investment of time and money. Some key member benefits:

  • Club Evenings. Four times a year, you and other Club Members get up-close with and personal with world-class leader from public service, politics, the arts or sport. It’s about sharing, learning and (yes) laughing together. Club Evenings are the beating-heart of Social Club. And there’s dinner.
  • Leaders Lounge. Our virtual café, where you can personally connect to every other leader in Social Club community. For help, for partnership or just because you like the sound of them. Soon to be available on a phone app. Dead easy.
  • V.I.P Pass. We have an exciting programme of Special Events: Masterclasses, Seminars, Pop-Up events and Webinars. Club Membership entitles you to go to one free event a year, big discounts on the rest and first option on every event. Always first in line.
  • Leaders Library. Here is where you’ll find content from all of the speakers and members across all of our Clubs plus some of the best articles, blogs and content on social leadership in the world. So if you miss something, you can find it here. No hassle.
  • Book. You’ll get a complimentary copy of ‘How to Change the World: the Essential Guide for Social Sector Leaders’ by Craig Dearden-Phillips. Read all about it.
  • Breakfast Club. This is open to all Members either live in London or via video-conference in Manchester, Leeds and Newcastle. At Breakfast Club we look at big themes in organisational leadership. These range from how to make the most of digital delivery to how to reshape your organisation and its culture around future requirements. Speakers set the scene and a vibrant cross-Club conversation ensues. A great way to start the day. Runs four times a year.
  • Leaders Line. Sometimes you need to speak to someone in confidence who can help you. This is something we offer to all Members. There for you.
  • Leaders Briefing. If we see something brilliant, we’ll send it to you. Plus we’ll routinely point you to podcasts of recent Social Club speakers, Bloggers or Vloggers!
  • Leaders Voice. Got things to say? We help you to get your voice out there and heard, be it on a blog, a podcast or platform.

What is Social Club?

 Social Club is a unique place for a new generation of social sector leaders to come together, share, learn and have a voice. Social Club starts with the understanding that successful social change relies on great leadership.

Why join?

People join Social Club for three main reasons: to become better leaders, to get fresh thinking about their biggest leadership challenges and to benefit from the support of other leaders. To join Social Club is a commitment not only to your own professional development as a leader but also to the success of your organisation.

What's the offer?

Social Club offers phenomenal value to Members and their organisations. You can come to up to 10 events annually including our leaders conference. Each event has at least first-class speaker. You also have access to support from our Coaching Club, our advisory Leaders alone and online platform , the Leaders Lounge.

Join Us

Joining Social Club is easy. But we don’t ask you to join straight away. We like you to try it first. On us. And then only if it is right for you.

If you want a chat about Social Club, get in touch with Craig Dearden-Phillips, our Chair. And if you want to try one of our events, we can fix that up for you, before you commit.

Join us


  • What is included as part of my membership?


    Club evenings 4 times a year, with Guest Speaker – a chance to get up close and personal

    Breakfast Club 4 times a year, with Guest Speaker – bring the team along to either the live event in London, or join in via video link in Manchester or Harrogate

    Coaching Club – career coaching from within the Club community

    Leaders Lounge – our virtual café, connecting you one to one with other members

    V.I.P Pass – with events throughout the year, membership entitles you to one free, and many discounted

    Leaders Line – the opportunity to talk one to one in confidence

    Leaders Library – all the content from all the speakers, bloggers, vloggers, right at your fingertips!

    Leaders Voice – have something to say? We’ll help you to get your voice out there

    Leaders Briefing – if we see something brilliant, you’ll be the first to know!



  • Who already attends SocialClub events?

    Social Club is aimed at Leaders in the social sector:

    – CEOs of Charities, Social Enterprises & Beyond Profit Businesses

    – Public Service Leaders

    – Social Entrepreneurs

    – Younger and Emerging ‘Next Generation’ Leaders

  • Why would SocialClub be good for me?

    Social Club provides you with a high-powered community of thoughtful leaders on a journey to growing their own impact and that of their organisations. If you need a supportive and creative place to find answers to the big questions facing you as a leader, Social Club is going to work for you.

Should you have any questions please contact us

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